Many present-day Canadians were not born in Canada but have immigrated. There was a long journey of being permanent residents and then, finally becoming citizens.

Immigrants to this beautiful and great country are happy with their lives, and their immigrant stories need special appreciation. When a senior or an older person of the family studies or works here, the experience is enriching, and the knowledge of Canadian culture eases the transition of the family to Canada.

Immigration authorities in Canada acknowledge the benefits of the Canadian experience and continuously create specific categories for immigration. These cater to meet the needs of various individuals. Prominent categories are the PhD stream, Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee categories. The method to get a Canadian experience is through working or studying in the country for some time on a valid Temporary Resident Permit.


Many highly skilled immigrants, leave their country of origin, uproot their family, and strive to gain status in Canada. There is no guarantee that they will obtain permanent residence.

Another way to reach Canada is to opt for categories of immigration that do not depend on Canadian experiences like the FSW program and the Quebec Skilled Worker program. In these programs, the applicant gains Permanent Residency in Canada. They can apply to include their immediate family in their application and wait for a decision on their case.

The Quebec program, the settlement funds and a job offer, an educational experience, or a specific amount are not mandatory. There is a priority for certain occupations, and more points are awarded to these applicants.

Tips for migrating to Canada:

All the essential documents must be put in order and must be readily available: Language test results which are ValidIdentity documents like passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates, Transcripts of Educational credentials and any diplomas earnedProof of employment like certificates, reference letters, letters of promotion, salary proof, and employment contracts.

Other Facts to Note:

Ensure that the documents are translated into English/French. Ensure that the application submitted is complete and includes all the required data demanded by the immigration authority. The photocopies of all documents must be clear and readable. Take measures that the visa office will not take long to assess you. Avoid any delay in your application. Submit all declarations and explanation letters to be clear and concise. Be well prepared.

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