Prasanth Aryan


Prasanth Ramamoorthy is the director of LP Career Solution, born on April 10
who completed his schooling in kamaraj matriculation higher secondary school, graduate his
degree in Sree Guru Narayana college and initially started his working career in CBMS
private limited and got opportunity to work in Singapore where his life starts blooming with
full of positive manner and he loved to travel where can explore new places and getting many
friends by his positive vibe surround him. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he
spends time working in the garden, Growing up very poor taught me that hard work and thrift
are sometimes the only things a person can afford, In his copious free time, he relaxed by
outing with friends. His brilliance and braveness derived from the fact that his achieve many
successes, gradually, with hard work and sincerity, he expanded the business in different
sectors, Started his business career by helping people to get jobs in abroad. Then by
understanding the student wavelength and opportunities avail from different countries like
Singapore, Australia. By his sustain more than 300 plus candidates got his career high and
life settled in a rich mannerism.
Many people dream of flying to abroad become true by his guidance and got happier.