A new visa proposes that parents will be permitted to stay for up to 10 years but will not be allowed to Settle in Australia. The children must pay expenses related to availing private health insurance.

Around 15,000 persons each year can now pay up to $20,000 for bringing their parents to Australia for a period not exceeding ten years after the Turnbull Government announced a recent immigration campaign. The children must financially guarantee that they will meet any additional healthcare costs of their parents in Australia. There was a massive expenditure to the taxpayer regarding the health costs provided to the elderly parents.

The New Australia Visa Scheme has a feature where the applicants can seek a visa for three-years at $5,000 or a permit for five-years at $10,000. They also get a chance to get a renewal for a single time for an additional five years charged at the same price.

These visa rules help the government to limit the increasing healthcare costs. Moreover, when legislated, they can give millions in visa fees to meet the Budget ends. In case the quota of 15,000 is filled in the first year, the Treasury will receive $150 million in the fees.

The persons taking up the new visa will not be permitted to work, and the government is hopeful that they will take up family roles, which, in turn, would reduce the pressure on facilities providing childcare. Grandparents will be able to care for their grandchildren, and the parents can work with ease.


The extremely high cost of the visa has faced some criticism. Though other Australia temporary visas require opting for private health insurance, it was unusual to ask migrants to forego the public safety net in case of an emergency and also while facing unexpected health crises. The premiums of private health insurance tend to be high.

The step of limiting the healthcare access for aged migrants was taken after a report of the Productivity Commission which found that the average lifetime cost incurred for a single parent holding a visa was from $335,000 to $410,000.

The government has a plan to announce the visa officially when the Budget is presented next week. This was an election promise of the 2016 campaign.

This change has been done after in-depth community consultations and was given in response to demands from migrant communities who urged the government for reforms in parent visas because the present system was complex and had delays in execution.

The applicants sponsoring their parents for such visa must be citizens or permanent residents, of Australian or must be eligible citizens of New Zealand.

The visa-holders will be in no position to reapply after the ten years is over, and there will be no pathway to seek Permanent residency in Australia

At present, the Parent visas are divided into visa streams, like the Contributory Parent (Temporary), the Aged Parent visa, and the permanent Contributory Parent visa.

The applicants feel that the present arrangement is fair. The government has a plan to introduce the new visa from November, in case the Parliament accepts it.

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